Big Sister installable module index

This is the primary download site for Big Sister installable modules. Please note that these modules are also distributed in the various released Big Sister versions.

In order to manage installed modules use the bsmodule command.

  bsmodule list
lists the already installed modules, while
  bsmodule install <modulename>
installs or updates a module. The bsmodule command will directly try to download the respective module from this site. If this does not work due to firewall or network policies at your site you can always download single modules via the links published on this site and install them via
  bsmodule install <modulefilename>

Module Description Author Version Docu
CPUperf CPU performance monitoring Thomas Aeby 01.00 Readme
apcupsd Monitor some typical APCUPSD output from NIS enabled APCUPSD servers John A. Mason 01.00 Readme
btethernetbox Environmental monitoring with Betternetworks Ethernetbox Thomas Aeby 01.00  
cisco SNMP Monitor for Cisco IOS, AP and VPN Niels Baggesen 01.08 Readme
cpqhlth SNMP Monitor for Compaq Health MIB Niels Baggesen 01.02 Readme
cpqhost SNMP Monitor using Compaq host module Niels Baggesen 01.02 Readme
cpqida SNMP Monitor for Compaq/HP Intelligent Drive Array Niels Baggesen 01.05 Readme
cpqide SNMP Monitor for Compaq/IDE controller Niels Baggesen 01.03 Readme
cpu SNMP CPU Monitor using HOST-RESOURCES-MIB, SUN-MIB or UCD-SNMP-MIB Niels Baggesen 01.09 Readme
dbstore Store status data in a database Thomas Aeby 01.02  
dell SNMP Monitor for Dell enclosure (MIB-Dell-10892 and StorageManagement-MIB) Niels Baggesen 01.03 Readme
etherport Check port operating status Thomas Aeby, Joseph Gooch 01.01 Readme
expedap External Performance Data Provider Simon Moser 01.01 Readme
fileaccess File access time monitoring Simon Moser 01.00 Readme
ldap Net::LDAP based LDAP server monitor Gert Dewit 01.00 Readme
lxNetwork /proc/net/dev statistics monitor Thomas Aeby 01.00 Readme
mailq Mail Queue Monitor Gert Dewit 01.00 Readme
mysql MySQL Monitor Gert Dewit 01.00 Readme
netapp NetApp Filer health checks Thomas Aeby 01.00 Readme
ntp NTP Server Monitor Thomas Aeby 01.01 Readme
nut Network UPS Tools monitor Thomas Aeby 01.01 Readme
oracle Oracle server monitor using sqlplus Gert Dewit 01.00 Readme
ping send echo requests to target hosts Thomas Aeby 01.02 Readme
printmib SNMP monitor for maintenance and toner using modern Printer-MIB Niels Baggesen 01.04 Readme
procs Unix Process Monitor Thomas Aeby 01.01 Readme
realhttp LWP::UserAgent based Web server monitor Thomas Aeby, Kevin O'Donnell 01.01  
servsensor SNMP Monitor for Blackbox ServSensor Niels Baggesen 01.05 Readme
snmpnetwork SNMP Network Interface Monitor Thomas Aeby 01.02  
snmpprocs SNMP Process Monitor Thomas Aeby 01.01 Readme
solSwap Solaris Swap Command memory monitor Thomas Aeby 01.00  
sysvsar SysV sar based monitoring Thomas Aeby 01.01  
tcp TCP based service monitoring Thomas Aeby 01.02 Readme
vmstat vmstat based CPU monitoring Thomas Aeby 01.01  
win32perf Windows PerfLib based monitoring Thomas Aeby 01.01  
win32service Windows Service monitor Thomas Aeby 01.00